Y's Care Children's Program

We aspire to make a positive impact in our community by providing high-quality preschool education to children and families from homeless, transitioning, or low-income circumstances through our Y’s Care Children’s Program. Children 2½ to 5 years old are welcome in our program which provides a safe environment for up to 20 participants. Community resources and referrals for childcare funding, health care, housing, emergency funding, and family support are available. In addition to an ECEAP and community preschool program, YWCA also provides child care assistance to homeless and transitional families for up to 90 days through the Homeless Child Care Program. We also offer opportunities for parent education and involvement via classes, events, and individualized support services. The Y's Care Children's Program classroom structure is based upon a creative curriculum model that provides a well-rounded early education experience through a center-based, child-friendly environment. This curriculum helps prepare children to enter kindergarten, ready to learn, and to work with others.


curricular elements span:

  • developmentally appropriate guidance
  • culturally relevant / multi-cultural environment
  • complete nutrition program
  • therapy play and physical fitness programs
  • kindergarten readiness
  • individual attention
  • peaceful, non-violent play
We believe that children learn by doing. The classroom curriculum is designed to address and support a wide variety of learning opportunities to ensure that each child will be able to explore his or her areas of interest and learn life skills like resilience, flexibility, and sharing.


program activities include:

  • dramatic play
  • visual and performing arts
  • small and large group projects
  • blocks, puzzles, games
  • storytelling and literacy building
  • music exploration through listening and playing instruments
  • outdoor activities
  • field trips—zoo, pumpkin patch, local parks, special events
Our attentive, professional instructors provide information about each child's developmental process. Referrals for additional support are made by our trained staff so that every child may receive the best care and services possible.