SafeChoice Domestic Violence Program

Domestic violence is emotional, verbal, or physical abuse that happens between partners. Abuse may take the form of name-calling, put-downs, threats, hitting, shaking, isolation, unwanted sexual contact, and more. The abuse usually happens more than once and results in fear of or control by the abuser. The SafeChoice and SafeChoice LGBTQ Programs commit to advocate for, educate, and support those affected by domestic violence. We strive to collaborate with our community partners to present the most helpful resources, information, and education about domestic violence. You can also visit the Washington State DV Hotline at

for immediate assistance

call YWCA's 24-hour crisis hotline we accept collect calls 360-695-0501
toll free 800-695-0167
for life threatening situations, call 911
 Washington State DV Hotline800-562-6025


YWCA Clark County's SafeChoice Program offers a variety of services to provide assistance when you need it most. From one-to-one appointments to support-group sessions to walk-in/phone-in advocacy, when you are in crisis, we want to respond with the services appropriate for your immediate needs. Our 24-hour crisis hotline is available for education, support, safety planning, and additional information about how we can help you and your family.

Our gender inclusive domestic violence shelter provides emergency shelter for those fleeing physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. You may stay up to 60 days in our safe, secure shelter location. Children and parents staying at the shelter have access to the Children's Advocacy Program (CAP), which assists families in dealing with the effects of domestic violence.

Advocacy sessions enable you to meet one-to-one with our well trained staff members who will offer support, education and resources. Our legal advocacy services provide information and assistance in completing protection orders, and may provide court accompaniment to Protection Order Court at the Clark County Courthouse.

Support groups are no-charge, and provide weekly drop-in support for survivors experiencing verbal, emotional, sexual, or physical abuse. Childcare is available. Classes for domestic violence survivors are offered in eight-week sessions. You must pre-register for classes. A fee waiver is available on an as-needed basis. Childcare is available.

Download a printable PDF of SafeChoice services here. For more information, please call YWCA Clark County at 360-696-0167. We do accept collect calls.

what are the warning signs of abuse?

You may be in danger if your partner does any of the following to you:
  • Insults you in public and/or private
  • Checks up on your whereabouts and your contact with others
  • Puts down your friends and family
  • Tells you jealousy is a sign of love
  • Blames you for the abuse
  • Limits your actions and tracks where you go and what you do
  • Controls the household money
  • Destroys your belongings
  • Threatens to hurt you, your family, friends, support people or pets
  • Forces you to have sex in ways or at times that are uncomfortable to you
  • Touches you in ways that hurt or scare you
  • Tells you that your fears are not important

how can I plan for my safety?

Whether you are planning to leave an abusive relationship or not, there are many ways you can increase your safety. Victims of abuse are at an increased risk of violence when they attempt to leave: you may need to make a safety plan and ask friends, family, or associates for assistance. Call our 24-hour hotline to speak with our staff about creating your individualized safety plan.